Most of us these days are fighting with conditions like obesity and overweight which can be caused by the hormonal, genetic change or simply imbalanced diet and is followed by higher stress levels and anxiety. Although these problems can be solved just by a balanced diet and proper exercise but to accelerate the process one can follow this collection of some potential natural home remedies to lose weight and burn those extra calories.


Many think of water as just another part of a meal to gulp down food or just a way to quench thirst but trust me, water is the mother of all remedies.

It is proved by science that water is an essential medium in speeding up the process of metabolism that burns calories and it can actually be useful is reducing the number of calories you take up and even the meager amount as 0.5 liters can burn up to 20-30% of calories.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is considered an element good for the body as it is itself an excellent remedy for stomach problems but if made into Tea and take thrice a day before every meal can yield the best of results. It can cause a sense of satisfaction compelling you to eat less and relieve hunger pangs. Moreover, it speeds up the burning up of the fats.

Green Tea

Green Tea is by far the longest debated item that is used for weight loss as a treatment. The catechins and little amount of caffeine in the green tea are helpful in weight loss and maintain the body’s health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the oldest known natural home remedy for many health problems. One of these problems includes weight gain. It is advised to take apple cider vinegar twice a day with water and honey(optional). It has the anti-inflammatory effect that helps with the digestion problems that can also lead to weight gain.


Cinnamon is used for a long time because of its weight reduction and loss properties. Its anti-inflammatory response causes the calories to burns and it is also beneficial for diabetes and heart diseases.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a very old remedy for many things and if consumed every day twice can be helpful is weight loss as it has many anti-inflammatory properties that help in weight loss. Similarly, have antibiotic and digestive properties.


Garlic is another home remedy of our daily usage. It is known to have weight reduction properties. It boosts up the metabolism and causes the process of thermogenesis to take place that means the burning of extra calories.

Coconut Oil

Yet another simple but highly effective remedy is coconut oil is a middle chain fatty acid and can have a strong effect on obesity or over weight. It can be consumed daily two to three tablespoons.


Yogurt is rich in probiotics and so many good bacteria that boost up your metabolism and help maintain the weight of your body. With this high metabolic rate the calories burn up and digestion improves.